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What are sustainable audits?


Audits are essential to knowing the health of a company and fundamental to assessing the company’s performance.

The aim of such an assessment, as Legalnet explains to us as corporate sustainability experts, is not only that companies become more sustainable, but they must also ensure that there is appropriate overall compliance, where there is greater transparency and accountability for the acts guaranteed is taken.

When are the audits carried out?

Usually sustainable audits by a quality control company They are made every yearIn doing so, they examine each individual area to identify areas where the company may need to improve in order to achieve greater sustainability.

Why is sustainability so important for companies?

We have to keep in mind that sustainability is important to the business world for several reasons that we want to develop further:

Social responsibility

In this sense, we need to know that companies play an important role in society and that they have a great responsibility in improving and caring for the environment for the new generations. It must be taken into account that sustainability ensures that companies can reduce their impact on the environment and make a positive contribution to society.

consumer demand

If we look at what has been done in recent years, it is true that there has been a major shift in consumer awareness towards sustainable products and services. Consumers today like companies that care about the environment and are willing to pay a higher price for sustainable products.

resource efficiency

You have to know that sustainability can help make the use of resources in the company more efficient. Companies that are committed to implementing these types of sustainable practices often find ways to use fewer resources, thereby reducing costs over the long term.

competitiveness and reputation

There are a number of companies that are perceived as sustainable, which often enjoy a strong reputation and can offer a range of competitive advantages. As a result, greater attractiveness for customers can be achieved and the company itself can be made more attractive for investors interested in the company.

regulation and compliance

Increasingly, there are a number of laws and various regulations that oblige companies to rely on a number of sustainable practices. Companies that try to pre-empt such regulations can avoid fines and other penalties.


In this sense, sustainability is a great driver for issues like innovation, forcing the company to think of new ways of doing things that are less harmful to the environment.

Let’s think that sustainability is not an ethical and moral obligation, it is a sensible business strategy Ultimately, this can lead to outcomes such as greater efficiency, better reputation, and increased demand from users or consumers.


A topic like sustainability is comfortable in every respect, but it is also the case that companies need to have the necessary certainty about the state in which they are located. A good analysis is accuratebecause if this is not the case, the problems with the administration can be very serious, even imposing large fines or more serious penalties in the event of non-compliance with the law.

There are no friends and no forgiveness in inspections, so It is best to have an expert audit carried outBecause from many years of experience, Legalnet is convinced that it is always better to have everything under control and thus not at the expense of nasty surprises.

There are many companies that have had to see this because they did not take proper care of their accounts and business subject to strict controls who have been frightened as a lesser evil and, in particularly serious cases, can even end up with prison sentences.

In all of this, the most important thing is always Trust a company that performs audits and has a good reputation with other companies or users you know.

In this way, it is quite possible that in this way you will have the certainty that the company is in a correct financial position, which will undoubtedly have a positive impact on other areas of action.

So nothing, from here our best wishes for the election as it is a section not to be skimped on.

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