Controversial winds are blowing around Isco. The midfielder seemed that, with the return of Ancelotti, he would live something of a renaissance. He began having minutes, with titles against Levante and Betis when the course dawned, but, since then, he has been experiencing a regression. The clash against Granada on the last day further complicated the situation, since it had a slight to Carletto that puts you in a complicated position. He warmed up with Jovic and Vallejo when they were going to enter the field and he did not, something that did not sit well with him. “Isco has understood that he was going to leave after the warm-up. They tell him that he is going to leave later, he gets angry and sits on the bench”, they explained in ‘El Larguero’. Ancelotti relented and gave him entry ahead of schedule and in the SER program they analyze what happened and the situation of the man from Malaga.

“Isco is wrong, but he cannot be taken out for three minutes. Davide Ancelotti is wrong because he wants to take less time from him”, reasons Javier Herráez, who understands that it was not entirely correct to treat the player in that way by the coaching staff. “Right now, in terms of importance in minutes, it has the importance of Vallejo or Jovic. The history of what Isco has been is for the museum”, argues Antonio Romero, comparing him with two teammates who, a priori, started at a disadvantage at the beginning of the season.

“Ancelotti’s Madrid coach suit looks just as good as Isco’s outfit as a Madrid footballer is starting to look bad.”

Antonio Romero, in ‘El Larguero’

Ancelotti’s Madrid coach suit looks just as good as Isco’s Madrid footballer’s suit is starting to look bad. Ancelotti extends his hand and Isco would be wrong to miss this opportunity, “continues Romero. While Julio Pulido recalls that the Madrid coach” has recognized that Isco did not want to warm up, it is reality. “He also uses an argument similar to the previous one and think this is an opportunity for the Benalmádena: “Ancelotti has opened the door for the players to go and claim minutes when they don’t have minutes”.

Finally, Miguel Martín Talavera, ‘Tala’, compares him with the case of Juan Mata, in the World Cup that Spain won, and finds no justification for what happened in the Nuevo Los Cármenes:“Today Mata comes out to play for 20 seconds and is world champion. Isco cannot be justified”. We will see what happens in the clash with the Sheriff in Champions. For now, his minute counter in the top competition remains at zero. Will it be activated after what happened in Granada?


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