What about Aston Martin upgrades? Fernando Alonso explodes

The explosive reaction of the Spanish pilot, before the advances of the green team

After the Silverstone Grand Prix, concerns begin to surface around Aston Martin’s upgrades. The results of Fernando Alonso and Lance Stroll confirm the team’s loss of hegemony as second in the Formula 1 hierarchy, behind Red Bull. Furthermore, his performances have experienced a significant decline in the last four grands prix.

This situation has generated concern in the green team, which has ruled out the possibility of reaching Red Bull. However, despite the adverse results, Fernando Alonso does not give up and remains hopeful of a qualitative leap in the coming races.

aston martin improvements
Expectations of improvements in the next races

Aston Martin’s hopes: Key improvements for upcoming races

Aston Martin recognizes the need to evolve its car and has announced that it will introduce improvements in upcoming races. Mike Krack, a member of the team, said: “We will have some new parts here, some in Budapest, some in Spa, some in Holland, so it’s continuous improvement.” At the Silverstone GP, Aston Martin has already implemented small improvements to the front wing and rear brake duct.

In addition, Dan Fallows, technical director of Aston Martin, has also noted that they are working tirelessly to increase the pace and resolve the issues with the DRS that have affected Fernando Alonso throughout the season. “Every update we bring to the car is aimed at helping the efficiency of the DRS. So we’re taking more steps on that all the time,” Fallows said.

The next races will be decisive to define the destiny of the team

However, Pedro de la Rosa has imposed limits on innovations at Aston Martin and has raised concerns with a strong warning: “The improvements are going to dry up.” As ambassador of the Silverstone team, De la Rosa has analyzed in DZAN the frantic development battle in which Aston Martin, Ferrari, Mercedes, Alpine and McLaren are immersed to reduce the gap with Red Bull.

Despite the challenges, Fernando Alonso does not give up and remains hopeful of an improved performance. However, Aston Martin will need to be much more precise and effective in its updates if it is not to go from glory to failure. The continuous evolution of the car and the resolution of technical problems become crucial priorities for the green team. Will Aston Martin be able to regain its position as the second team in Formula 1? The next races will be decisive in defining the fate of the equipment.

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