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WGA Screenwriters’ Strike: The big majors want to make striking screenwriters bend

Mission Impossible : Dead Reckoning © Skydance

After the covid-19 crisis which shook international cinema for two long years, Hollywood was shaken by a completely different major problem: the WGA writers’ strike, the main trade union. The latter are demanding an improvement in their working conditions as well as regulation of the emergence of artificial intelligence in the creative and writing process. All these requests have, for the moment, not been listened to by the studios which seem to want to crack the screenwriters and play the clock. This strike has already had a big impact since many expected films and series are, for the moment, postponed – such as mission impossible 8season 2 of The Last of Us or some feature films Marvel.

According to a report by Deadline, film companies want to crush screenwriters. Backed by convincing financial results at Wall Streetthe studios, represented by the AMTPTreally want to impose their will on the writers – evidenced by the words of an executive contacted by Deadline :

“The goal is to let things drag on until Screenwriters Guild members start losing their apartments and homes. »

A desire not to let go for the studios since cracking would mean showing an admission of weakness to obtain other conditions. But the potential strike of another union, the SAG-AFTRA (representing the actors) could come and make the big bosses in the middle bend. Unless the latter are determined to remain inflexible and then wage open war with those who contribute to their success. In any case, the strikes are here to stay.

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