Western allies back out of giving Ukraine F-16 fighter jets

London: Ukraine is pushing for F-16 fighter jets, but Western allies have turned their backs on it.

According to details, the British media has said that the Western allies have backed away from the idea of ​​supplying F-16 and other fighter jets to Ukraine.

The Guardian “Over the past 24 hours, Western allies appear to have pulled back on the delivery of F-16s and other fighter jets to Ukraine,” reported .

Britain has also said it is not practical to supply Western fighter jets to Ukraine, with a Downing Street spokesman saying: “These are aircraft with very advanced parts, we don’t think it is practical to send them to Ukraine.”

Russia captures Ukrainian village

The spokesman added that Prime Minister Rishi Sanak believed that Russia would benefit from a “prolonged stalemate” in the war, so he was in favor of faster aid to Ukraine.

It should be remembered that when US President Joe Biden was asked at the White House on Monday whether the US would provide F-16 aircraft to Ukraine, he simply answered ‘no’.

Poland is ready to supply Ukraine with F-16 fighter jets, the most senior adviser to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said on Monday. Andrey Yermak said that in the telegram received from Warsaw, Ukraine has received positive signals in this regard.

On the other hand, Ukraine says that it will continue lobbying in relation to warplanes, Ukraine says that the West had previously refused to supply tanks, Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksiy Ryzenkov said on a visit to Paris that ” In the beginning, all forms of aid have passed the ‘no’ stage.

According to Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Koliba, Ukraine expects to receive 120 to 140 tanks from the 12-nation alliance in the first batch of deliveries, with the first tranche including German Leopard 2, British Challenger 2 and USM 1 Abrams tanks. will He said that Ukraine is also giving great importance to the supply of French tanks.

It should be noted that the number of heavy tanks that have been promised to Ukraine is 321.

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