West Bank: Israeli army operation over, 13 dead in total

The Israeli army operation in Jenin (West Bank) is over, Wednesday July 5 in the morning, as indicated by France Télévisions correspondent in Jerusalem, Agnès Vahramyan. “It will have been massive. It lasted two days and left 12 Palestinians dead and one Israeli soldier killed. Arrests, seizures of caches of weapons, in particular in a mosque in the city… The Israeli authorities are increasing this type of operation, it is the second in 15 days, to try to neutralize the Palestinian armed groups which have been carrying out since Jenin actions against Israeli civilians”reports the journalist.

Attack in Tel Aviv injures seven

“It’s a strategy that only half works, because these groups are constantly renewing themselves, and we lack a political solution here. On Tuesday, during this operation, a Palestinian ran into the crowd at Tel Aviv (Israel). He injured seven people before being killed himself. An attack as a response to what was happening in Jenin. A circle of violence that we know well here. Calm seems to have returned, more or less, Wednesday morning”concludes the journalist.

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