West, arrested drunk: “I am Jesus Christ and better than Jordan”

Sad news comes from Boynton Beach, Florida. Delonte West was arrested after yelling and banging on the police department lobby doors. The report indicates that the former NBA player he was yelling profanity while holding alcoholic beverages, a beer and a bottle of vodka, both open. Among his words, the former NBA player assured that he was “Jesus Christ.” “I am Jesus and you are a sinner right now. With what you are doing you are losing your options to go to heaven. I came here to save you “, he said, in addition to assuring that he was the president of the United States. That was not the thing:”I’m better than LeBron James and better than Michael Jordan, I have been the best black who has played any sport, “he continued.

The one who was LeBron’s teammate in the Cavaliers, had already been the protagonist last year, but with a totally opposite panorama. Thanks to Mark Cuban, owner of the Mavericks, West managed to get off the street and went to a detox center where he would later find work. Everything seemed to be going smoothly, but there was still a long way to go. “Ladies and gentlemen, this is Delonte West. There is still a very, very long way to go, but you have already taken the first steps and wanted me to share this image to thank everyone for the support and the expressions of affection”Stated Cuban.

Now 38, the former Dallas Mavericks player, has returned to its worst version. Police said he was detained after an incident with officers. The case report says that just before 9:00 p.m., officers went to the department’s lobby, located at 2100 High Ridge Road, for a guy screaming and banging on glass doors. West was yelling profanity while holding an open can of Icehouse beer and an open bottle of Mango Vodka.

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Officers said that when he started to walk away, still screaming, they ordered him to stop. When he refused, they ordered him to place the open containers of alcohol on the sidewalk. Delonte complied with those demands, however, when he stood up again, he began to place his hands inside the waistband of his pants. One of the officers drew a stun gun and continued to give verbal orders. West obeyed, got to his knees with his hands up, and was handcuffed. When they tried to secure him in the back of a patrol vehicle, the former NBA player continued to be belligerent and shouting blasphemies and dark rudeness. The report also says that West smelled of alcohol and his speech was slow and drawn, consistent with deterioration.

Delonte West, what in the past admitted to having bipolar disorder, faces charges of resisting an officer without violence and disorderly intoxication. Despite such a scandal, jail records indicate that has already been released on bail.

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