West Africa: Fuel tanker blast kills 92

An explosion in an oil tanker has killed at least 99 people and injured more than 100 after an accident in Freetown, the capital of the West African country of Sierra Leone.

A bomb blast near a petrol station in Sierra Leone’s capital, Freetown, has killed at least 92 people and injured 88 others, the country’s vice president said on Saturday.

According to AFP, the blast occurred when a car caught fire at a petrol station after a road accident. The flames then spread and burned people in cars and on nearby roads.

According to a volunteer at the scene, the majority of the victims were motorcyclists who caught fire while trying to extract fuel.

The video footage shows a burnt tanker and a truck, and the surrounding area is littered with vehicle straw, some still emitting smoke.

Sierra Leone, one of the poorest countries in the world, has seen accidents involving petrol tankers before. Many people have died in similar incidents in other parts of Africa as people gather to collect leaking fuel.


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