Werner took advantage of Rossi’s abandonment and celebrated at TC

Mariano Werner (Ford) from Paraná stayed this Sunday with the first final of the Turismo Carretera season by winning in the city of Viedma, in Río Negro, at the beginning of the traditional Argentine motorsport competition.

Werner, who had taken pole position, was favored by the retirement of Matías Rossi (Toyota), who was leading the race, with only three laps to go due to problems with his vehicle’s engine.

The podium was completed by Jonatan Castellano (Dodge) and Juan Tomás Catalán Magni (Ford), followed by Mauricio Lambiris (Ford), Germán Todino (Dodge), Marcelo Agrelo (Dodge), Esteban Gini (Torino), Christian Ledesma ( Chevrolet), Santiago Alvarez (Dodge) and Elio Craparo (Dodge).

For his part, the current champion, José Manuel Urcera (Torino), from Rio Negro, designed an excellent race from the bottom: the number 1 started in 53rd position (he was penalized for a touch in the series towards Martín Vázquez) and finished 14th.

Werner, champion in the 2020 and 2021 seasons, obtained his 22nd victory in the history of the category and equaled the line of the emblematic Carlos Alberto Pairetti, who died last year, after having dazzled with the Orange Thunder, back in the decade from ’60. “It was incredible, we inherited it because he was at a higher level. I had no more rest and he had plenty of traction. It was a nice fight with Matías, who when he came under the wing made me commit an excess,” said the pilot 34 years old.

Rossi, for his part, pointed out: “They are iron. I leave a little bitter, but when I break being first the bitterness is not so much because it means that we were fine. We came to add, precisely what we did not want was to abandon, beyond “If you win, it’s better. I love these races: it was a nice fight with Werner and (Julián) Santero -he couldn’t finish the race either-“.

Castellano, benefited by the misfortune of Rossi and Santero, stated: “This podium is great after what it was last year. I liked how my car was going, beyond the fact that the two in front were going very fast. This gives us hope for what is to come. We are on the right track”.

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Road Tourism will continue its activity on the weekend of March 5, when the second date will take place in the Neuquén Province Park.

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