Wembanyama Effect: San Antonio Spurs explore possibility of new stadium

The arrival of Victor Wembanyama to the San Antonio Spurs in the most recent NBA Draft the franchise has changed in many aspects and the next modification aims to be a new venue for home games.

According to the San Antonio Express News report, the spurs are exploring the possibility of building a new arena in downtown san antonio. The Texan team played in the AT&T Center since 2002, but his agreement with the company that owns the property will expire in 2032.

The NBA franchise did not respond to the local media report, however, it points out that the San Antonio business community has heard rumors about the possible stadium change.

However, there are plenty of drawbacks that could prevent Spurs’ new venue. One of them is that former Bexar County Judge Nelwon Wolff, who considers the AT&T Center still a good arena.


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This is the AT&T Center, home of the San Antonio Spurs

The AT&T Center is a multipurpose pavilion located at 1 AT&T Center Parkway in which there are NBA and WNBA games and concerts. The largest capacity available is 19,000 people and this capacity is given only when there are concerts at the AT&T Center.

The capacity of the property changes according to the event held: for the Spurs matches there are 18,418 while, for NHL Rampage games running through 2020, 16,151 seats were available.

The construction of the AT&T Center required an investment of 245 million dollars in 2002 and the last renovation needed 110 million in 2015. Public investment was made through an increase in taxes for hotels and rental cars.

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