Well-known journalist Zaro Quere cried after seeing his mother’s picture, watch the video

Cairo: Famous Egyptian journalist Amr al-Laithi started crying after seeing his mother’s picture during a TV interview.

Fifty-two-year-old Egyptian journalist Amr al-Laithi has also won the Broadcaster and UNESCO Human Development Award. He could not control his emotions in a TV interview.

During the TV program the director started talking and said I want to do a little experiment with you, I don’t know what your opinion is. And will you allow me to do so? At which point the guest responded with “Oh”.

Program Director and Host Abdul Naeem continued his speech and said that the star of our program today is a great woman from Suez who gave us two sons Amr and Sharif and she was the woman who promoted education in the country. Mullah, this great lady is called Laila al-Didi.

According to Al-Arabiya.com, the host of the program said that the person who will talk to us about this great woman today is her eldest son Amr Al-Laithi. Amr Al Laithi, you are representing your mother Ms. Laila Al-Didi today.

On this occasion, 52-year-old Dr. Amr Al-Laithi became silent and started looking carefully at the picture of his mother appearing on the screen. Suddenly tears came out of his eyes and he started crying profusely, after crying for a few moments he told the host that it was a conspiracy. From you and from the director,” Abdul Naeem replied: "By God, never.”

Amr al-Laithi spoke about his mother for only two minutes and said that my mother was a great woman, my father was a police officer. My mother lost a young son. After my father’s death, my mother became both father and mother to me. She is living with me now. May Allah give them good health. Amr al-Laithi gave a message to all those whose mothers are not present that they should pray for their mothers.

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