The “Photo Hebdo” section of the 20 Heures de France 2 looks back on the highlights of the week. Among the shots on the program: a volcanic eruption, a historic moment for cinema and space, and the end of Christo’s work.

On the island of Palma, in the Canaries (Spain), the eruption of the volcano allows the inhabitants to attend a spectacle as grandiose as it is frightening. A real incandescent anger that has lasted for nearly three weeks. On the other side of the globe, in California (United States), an oil slick smears the ocean and creates a contrast between naturally blue waters and dark water, polluted by oil. White buoys try to protect marine environments from ecological disaster. In France, we remember the faces of cyclists engaged in the Paris-Roubaix. A face marked by mud, which covers that of a Belgian cyclist, who has just crossed the hell of the North under a dog’s weather.

Dogs, real ones, blessed by a priest in the Philippines. It was the annual blessing of animals, but also the hope of warding off Covid-19 in this way. For a Russian actress, a last kiss on a bus window before heading to space, all within the framework of a film, shot at an altitude of 400 kilometers, in the International Space Station, which has become a cinema set, a world first. Speaking of cinema, this is the final clap for the ephemeral work of Christo and the Arc de Triomphe, which is now discovered. The monument regains its solemnity. As for the 25,000 square meters of fabrics, they will be recycled.


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