Wedding: mandatory health pass in case of rental for the event

As of Monday, August 9, the date of promulgation of the law on the extension of the health pass, the bride and groom and their guests must present proof of non-contamination with Covid-19 at any place rented for the event.

Therefore, starting Monday, the health pass will be mandatory in venues rented for a wedding, but not in private venues such as family homes. “From the moment an establishment is rented, be it a castle, a restaurant or a reception hall, the health pass will be required”, explained the president of the Union des Professionnels Solidaires de l’Evénementiel (UPSE), Mélissa Humbert-Ferrand, on BFMTV.

UPSE estimates the deficit in 2021 for all businesses affected by weddings at 1 billion euros, after a dramatic year on the economic front for 2020. Generally, excluding the exceptional crisis linked to the Covid -19 pandemic, the sector reports 3,000 million euros in sales.

“By default, for rented establishments, it will be the responsibility of the bride and groom to take over the control of the health passes”, explains Mélissa Humbert-Ferrand, head of UPSE. “We invite the bride and groom to anticipate and claim the supporting documents of each guest before the ceremony, so that on D-Day, only last minute evidence needs to be controlled.”

Another option put on the table: include this obligation in the rental contract, which would allow those in charge to ensure the verification of the health pass and the couple not to waste time on this tedious task. Especially since the latter are not authorized to verify the identity of the guests to guarantee compliance with the health pass.

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As a reminder, UPSE is an association that brings together 55,000 professionals specialized in wedding planning in France.

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