Webtoon: Five comics to discover on smartphone this fall

What if the future of comics was in our smartphones? In any case, this is the bet of the Webtoon application, which is attracting more and more readers in France.

The principle is simple: offer a wide choice of free stories, updated every week with new “episodes”. Short, addicting, and popular, some are followed by nearly 600,000 people. CNEWS presents you the small nuggets of the platform.

Horror: Killstagram

The plot: Remi Do’s life is ideal. Beauty, wealth, thousands of subscribers on social networks, and among them … A dangerous stalker, desperate to kill her.

Ideal if: you are looking for a webtoon to read late at night, well hidden under your blanket. With Killstagram, thrills guaranteed. The author had the good idea to exploit the typical fears of the contemporary era: the excesses of social networks, and the dangerous stalkers a bit psychopathic. But if Killstagram works so well, it’s thanks to its designs. The “monsters” are terrifying, and the dark settings create a creepy and disturbing atmosphere. If some twists and turns may seem a bit convoluted, the story largely catches up with horror classics, such as chases or sudden appearances (always very effective). The result ? An addictive comic book, which will delight cowards as much as fans of the genre.

In the same spirit : Hell is other people.

Killstagram, by Ryoung, to find here.


The plot: After two long years of preparatory class, Léon moved to Paris. Problem: he doesn’t know anyone. Fortunately, Félix, Anissa and Candice are getting ready to introduce him to the joys of the capital …

Ideal if: did you like “Sex Education” and “Atypical”. Sex, drugs & RER is a comic book for young adults, with all the qualities that this genre implies: colorful characters, hard-hitting dialogues, funny situations and a touch of emotion. The plot is intentionally close to the reader. The characters experience friendship, love, or the quest for success. You got it: if you are looking for realism, Sex, drugs & RER is an excellent choice. Especially since the protagonists evolve throughout the story, giving the reader the impression of seeing a happy little band growing up before their eyes … Who, honestly, could have been yours.

In the same spirit : Lucky charm.

Sex, drugs & RER, by Natacha Ratto, to find here.

Romance: Let’s Play

The plot: The (very) shy Sam has only one dream: to create video games. But the moment she unveils her first creation, she is immediately torpedoed by Marshall Law, a famous critic with millions of subscribers on the Internet. As Sam tries to go up the slope, life plays a trick on him: Marshall moves into the apartment right next to his …

Ideal if: you have a romantic streak. The love story is the star genre of Webtoon, and Let’s Play ranks number one. Honestly, it’s deserved. Of course, Let’s Play has all the ingredients for romance: very beautiful protagonists, love triangles, ultra romantic situations, “coincidences” that we see arriving three kilometers away (he becomes his neighbor, really?). .. But the main advantage of this webtoon is that it doesn’t stop there. All the characters, even secondary ones, have a very deep narrative arc. Beyond love, their personality allows the author to tackle burn-out, illness, failure, social phobias … So many themes that “speak” to the reader and push him to s ‘attach to heroes. Last argument to convince you: the romantic scenes are very controlled, both touching and humorous. Enough to wake up the blue flower that lies dormant in anyone.

In the same spirit : True Beauty.

Let’s Play, by Mongie, to find here.

FANTASTIC: Omniscient reader

The plot: Kim Dokja leads a mundane life. To escape the routine, he immerses himself in the Survivor’s Guide, a novel whose 3000 chapters no one has ever read … except him. When the Guide’s apocalyptic universe becomes reality, Dokja has no choice: he must survive. And he is the only one who knows how to do it.

Ideal if: you want to immerse yourself in a great epic, with multiple twists and a hero ready to do battle. Omniscient reader wrings his neck to the clichés of the webtoon: no more love stories, here, place for action and an extremely rich universe. The latter is also the main strength of the story. The author shows the full extent of his imagination, whether it concerns the settings, supernatural creatures or the trials to be overcome. The characters are very endearing and bring a welcome touch of humor. Be careful though: you have to be careful, because the story is complex (for our greatest pleasure).

In the same spirit : The tutorial tower expert.

Omniscient reader, by Sleepy-C, to find here.


The plot: Unlike the others, Lucile is not afraid of spiders or snakes, but of falling in love. Blame it on her previous relationships which traumatized her. When she meets Adrian, Lucile makes a big decision: to confront all her exes in order to move forward. At the risk of leaving a few feathers there.

Ideal if: you like realistic stories. It is very easy to identify with the characters in Philophobia, and even more so to get attached to them. Lucile’s adventures are fun to follow and bring a touch of originality to Webtoon. Unlike many dramas, Philophobia chooses to focus more on her heroine’s past and how it affects her today, rather than on the present.

And it works. It’s hard not to be touched by Lucile’s healing process: the author accurately portrays her feelings and delivers thoughtful analyzes of her past relationships (we bet that you will recognize yourself in some of them). Add to that some pretty designs in pastel tones and the scent of nostalgia, and you have the perfect cocktail for a good introspection.

In the same spirit : Because I Can’t Love You.

Philophobia, by Goupeline, to be found here.

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