Web3 startups with female founders raise 4x less capital on average

It is well known that it is difficult for women to manifest themselves in male-dominated industries. There is also a gap between the opportunities for men and women in the crypto world, according to one research from Boston Consulting Globe. Male-led Web3 startups raise an average of four times as much capital as female-founded companies.

Dominated by men

All numbers indicate that men are dominating the crypto industry right now. Of course, that also has to do with the fact that there are many more men than women who try it. On average, men raise $30 million, while female-led startups have to make do with an average of $8 million. Furthermore, no female-led Web3 startup has managed to raise more than $100 million.

Investors may be paying attention to this. On the other hand, only 13 percent of the founders in Web3 team are women. Only 3 percent of the teams are exclusively women.

If that percentage had been closer to 50 percent, the figures would probably have been different. Nevertheless, it is possible that investors are naturally more inclined to invest in male-led companies. It remains an important discussion, but ultimately you cannot force people to invest more in women-led companies.

Especially the largest capital rounds

The problem seems to lie mainly in the largest capital rounds, according to the study by Boston Consulting Globe. There, the exclusively female-led Web3 startups are completely excluded from participation. Only mixed teams participate in some cases, but they too represent only 29 percent of teams in rounds worth $1 billion and more. A whopping 71 percent of teams in rounds of that magnitude are exclusively male.

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