WearOS has become the second largest wearable operating system in the past year. Counterpoint Research concludes. Google’s Android-based operating system for smart watches, among other things, is only a few percentage points behind Apple’s WatchOS.

About a year ago, Apple still had a 28% market share compared to Google’s 3.2%. Meanwhile, WatchOS has fallen to 21.8% of the market share, while WearOS powers 17.3% of all wearable devices. That’s an increase of almost 550% in one year. The big driver of the popularity of WearOS is Samsung, which together with Google brought the operating system back to the new Galaxy Watch4 series.

Speaking of Samsung, the South Korean tech giant has also increased in terms of unit sales, according to Counterpoint due to its relatively affordable smartwatches. Samsung is going from a market share of 9.9% in the third quarter of 2020 to 14.4% in the last quarter. The company backs Apple here too; the Apple Watch maker still has a 21.8% market share (see percentages above).

Counterpoint investigation


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