“Wearing that star on your helmet is the heaviest load in the world”, Dallas Cowboys legend

After the removal of the dallas cowboys on the divisional round of the National Conference in the nfl playoffsseveral accused of the defeat against the san francisco 49ers.

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One of the first to break the silence and take part of the blame was the quarterback himself. dak prescott:

“The defense gave us a chance to win the game, they did a great job against a good offense.. For us to put the points we made, It’s unacceptable, and that starts with me.” he pointed Prescott.

27 years without reaching a Super Bowl

With the defeat by a score of 19-12 in the Levi’s Stadiumthe Dallas drought in the super bowl has reached 27 years.

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The receptor michael irvinone of the legends of the dallas cowboys who was a fundamental part of the offensive that was crowned three times in the super bowl in the 1990s, alongside Troy Aikman Y emmitt smith; he pointed out that it is a great responsibility to be part of the team.

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“It is the heaviest load in the world because you know that everyone, in some way, is going to look at you. Now, what are you willing to do with all those looks? Are you willing to let them see you sink, or are you willing to take that opportunity and maximize it?” signaled the call ‘The Playmaker’.

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