WASHINGTON: The Pentagon says it will continue to supply arms to Ukraine and meet priority requests for military aid to Ukraine.

According to US media, the Pentagon has said that the military transport leadership will continue to supply weapons to Ukraine from US stockpiles.

The department said on Twitter that it had been meeting priority requests for military aid to Ukraine and would continue to do so.

“We are facilitating the supply of arms to Ukraine through allies and partners,” he added.

Earlier, a Pentagon spokesman explained in a press briefing that his country had provided military assistance to Ukraine through presidential decrees, which is approximately equal to its defense budget for 2021.

US officials say Washington wants to use the rest of the aid stockpile wisely to supply Ukraine with the supplies it needs in the current war.

He hoped that the aid package approved by the Congress would expire by the end of the third week of this month, and demanded that the second package requested by the administration be approved soon.