Afghanistan’s interim foreign minister, Amir Khan Muttaqi, has said that weakening the Afghan government would not benefit anyone but would jeopardize global security.

In a meeting with US and European delegations in Doha, Foreign Minister Amir Khan Mottaki warned that any attempt to weaken the Afghan government would pose a threat to global security and lead to a flood of refugees that no one can stop.

Amir Khan Mottaki said that it was better to have constructive relations and cooperation with Kabul, remove restrictions and allow banks to function as usual.

Addressing the Doha Research Institute, Amir Khan Mottaki said that the Taliban had no intention of entering Kabul but after the escape of Ashraf Ghani, the Taliban had to enter Kabul for the security of the capital.

The Afghan Foreign Minister also met with his Turkish counterpart and the Chinese Ambassador. The Chinese ambassador said his country respects and supports the social aspirations of the Afghan people.

Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid says NATO’s tooth-and-nail era in Afghanistan is over. 20 years of experience is enough for NATO to fail. He further said that let the world know that the situation has changed, no one will be allowed to wage proxy war in Afghanistan.



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