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We tested the first “chess bar” in Paris

As winter arrives, the Parisian chess players in the Luxembourg Gardens will be able to put away the gloves. On October 14, a new bar was inaugurated in the 6th arrondissement of Paris: the Blitz Society.

The concept is simple, namely to play chess on one of the 27 available tables while enjoying a board of cold cuts or cheese and with a glass in hand. All in a cozy atmosphere, and with jazz classics in your ears, just loud enough not to be disturbed to the point of making the wrong move.

The three founders of the place particularly wanted to pay tribute to New York squares, where players from all walks of life meet to compete in quick games. The Blitz Society therefore promises to transcribe this social mix in its bar located in the middle of a chic district of the capital.

Physical social network

“With the internet, the number of players has exploded, the ways of learning have diversified, a little like with poker a few years ago. There are more players, and we are all having fun, ”enthuses Romain Benhamou, one of the three founders.

An observation that is also made by Lara Armas, world chessboxing champion and present for the inauguration. She had already noticed the growing craze for chess in 2018. “I went abroad for a few months and when I came back, everyone knew about openings, there were streamers specializing in chess. It’s nice to see that it continues to democratize, ”she explains between two shots.

Ultimately, the Blitz Society wants to host amateur tournaments, demonstrations and meetings between personalities and fans. “The goal is to become the physical social network for chess”, assures Romain Benhamou with ambition. And who knows, maybe the next Maxime Vachier-Lagrave will make his first sparks there.

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