Home Sports “We have a golden opportunity in Anduva”

“We have a golden opportunity in Anduva”

“We have a golden opportunity in Anduva”

After the triumphs over Granada and Ibiza at home, now it’s your turn to play as a visitor, after the fiascos at El Plantío and La Romareda, how do you take your visit to Miranda de Ebro?

With ambition and the intention of achieving a victory that will take us to 50 points and that would bring us very close to permanence. The squad is really looking forward to playing this game because we have had an irregular streak away from home and we want to have a good feeling away again and get points.

Is a Mirandés expected, almost saved, something more relaxed than you?

I was at that club, and also with young players and the philosophy that is giving them such good results and young people are very hungry. In addition, LaLiga also rewards financially depending on which position you finish in. They have a lot of talent on an individual level, and collectively, since they started playing with a back five line, they have achieved solidity, the possibility of pushing from back to front, with legs, recovering very quickly.

Are you clear about the reason for the different performance between Racing from El Sardinero and the one from outside?

The main reason is that away in this category is much more complicated than at home. But it doesn’t just happen to us, look at the teams at the top of the table. There is always a team that stands out, but it is difficult for all of us to add as a visitor. In Anduva it will also be difficult for us, they have a very loyal fan base, which is pressing, and who are enjoying an excellent year. We will have to be very involved, very intense, dominate the areas and that each of our players give their best level.

José Alberto and his second, Pablo Álvarez, in training this morning at La Albericia.Nacho Cubero

Beyond the results, don’t you get the feeling that at home they go after rivals almost fiercely and as visitors they don’t, or do it with less intensity?

We can stay with that reading, but I think that only happened in Vitoria, where Alavés passed us by intensity. In Burgos the team went very well and the penalty conditioned, in Zaragoza we went well and the first expulsion marks everything. There have always been elements that have conditioned us a little. We want to approach the matches in the same way, at home and away, but knowing that as a visitor it always costs more, although the thousand people who are going to accompany us to Anduva will feel it, because it is a very charming stadium, where everyone is very close of the game. That, and that we know that if we win we could save ourselves mathematically, I think it will give us the best version of Racing as a visitor.

With seven points of rent, plus the golaverage, in relegation, are you afraid that any of your players think that everything is done?

I have no doubt that Racing is going to be intense in the game. We have a committed team, which has shown it from day one, we are in an enviable situation to achieve our goal, which is very important for everyone, the club, the technical staff and the players, and we are going for them. In Anduva we have a golden opportunity to leave the permanence almost sentenced.

Are you worried about your striker, Raúl García?

I’ve known Raúl for several seasons, because Mirandés loved him several seasons ago, when he was at Betis B, and I’ve been following him ever since. He has a great level, what he is showing is no coincidence. Scoring 19 goals in the Second Division is impressive. Mirandés in general doesn’t need much to see the goal, but we have to have the ability to defend far from our area. If we succeed, we will be closer to achieving the three points.

The change of headline in the goal has not affected the work dynamics of Ezkieta and Parera.Nacho Cubero

Last week you opted for Jokin Ezkieta in the goal instead of Miquel Parera. Is the Navarrese going to continue as a starter?

Yes, it will continue. I say this because I have communicated it to them. I am not one to change goalkeepers if things work out, when I arrived I could have done it and Miquel kept playing because he was doing very well, but now Jokin has come out, he has also done very well, he has left two clean sheets and he will continue. I am very calm with the two goalkeepers we have.

Last week you replaced Jordi Mboula, who was returning after injury, at half-time. Was it because he had exhausted two substitution windows or because he was doing something he didn’t like?

Jordi is in perfect condition to play and the other day I changed him at that moment because I only had one window left and we had to save it until the end and I had doubts that Jordi, after five weeks without competing, could not physically hold out for so many minutes. There was no other reason.

Jordi Mboula trained as normal today at La Albericia.Nacho Cubero

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