Home World “We Europeans”. Hungary, the country that defies Europe

“We Europeans”. Hungary, the country that defies Europe

Major reporting, guests and European news are featured in the magazine “Nous, les Européens”, presented by Eléonore Gay and broadcast on Sundays at 10:10 a.m. on France 3, as well as late Thursday evenings on France 2. For this new issue of season 3, heading to Hungary. Viktor Orbán has just been reappointed for a fourth term at the head of this member country of the European Union since 2004, after a large victory for his party, Fidesz, in the legislative elections of April 3, 2022. The Hungarian Prime Minister since 2010 is accused by Brussels of several breaches of the rule of law: its stranglehold on the media, the weakening of justice, the reduction of individual freedoms, or even its reluctance to fight against the corruption which reigns in the country.



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