“We don’t want any Muslims in our village.”

Hateful treatment of Muslims in India is not a new thing, day by day, massacres and defamatory behavior of Muslims continue in the name of Cow Mata by extremist Hindus.

After Narendra Modi’s BJP government, such incidents have increased and now it has reached the point of evicting Muslims from their properties.

In a village in the Pune district of the Indian state of Maharashtra, a man was prevented from building his house simply because he belonged to the religion of Islam.

According to Indian media, a 73-year-old man named Qasim Mulla from Ambe village bought a plot of 4,000 square feet 10 years ago. He initially constructed a 10×10 feet structure in April and applied for its registration in June.

Qasim Mulla’s 31-year-old son Javed told the media that we had handed over the required documents for registration and electricity and water connection to the concerned panchayat, but the application for registration was rejected.

The petitioner said that the Deputy Sarpanch wrote on the first page of the application that “registration cannot be granted as the petitioner belongs to the religion of Islam”.

When asked about the decision, the Deputy Sarpanch told the media that no one in the village wanted “any Muslim” here. He said that there were never any Muslims in our village and we don’t want any Muslims. We have not approved the registration, as we do not want any kind of controversy.

He said that this is a collective decision of the village and we have also passed a resolution that we do not want any Muslims in our village, we will not let them even get Panchayat services. I will ask them to sell the plot and shift to another location.

The Deputy Sarpanch further said that if they do not listen to us, then all the responsibility of disputes with the villagers will be on them in future.

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