We destroyed dozens of Ukrainian weapons, Putin claims.

MOSCOW: Russian President Vladimir Putin said in a brief interview that anti-aircraft forces had destroyed dozens of Ukrainian weapons.

According to Reuters, the Russian news agency RIA Novosti quoted President Vladimir Putin as saying in response to a question about the supply of weapons by the United States, in which the Russian president said that Russia could easily deal with Ukraine. Has been and has destroyed dozens of their weapons.

However, a clip of the interview aired on Sunday made it clear that President Putin was actually answering a different question, which was not disclosed.

“Our anti-aircraft systems (supplied to Ukraine) are destroying weapons,” Putin said. It is not clear what kind of weapons Russia destroyed.

Russia says it has destroyed Ukrainian planes and missiles. Friday marks the 100th day of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Ukraine says Russia has occupied 20 percent of the country’s territory. These include Crimea and the Donbass region, which has been under Russian control since 2014.

After retreating around the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv, Russian forces are trying to occupy eastern Ukraine, which could escalate the war.

Although Russia’s advance in Ukraine has been slower than expected, Russian forces have expanded their control to more than 43,000 square kilometers.

On Saturday, French President Emmanuel McChrystal called the attack on Ukraine a “historic mistake” by the Russian president, but said that if the war in Ukraine stopped, it was important that Russia not be ridiculed in order to find a political solution.

Emmanuel McKeown is the only ruler of any major European country to have been in contact with President Putin in Moscow since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and has faced criticism from Eastern European and Baltic governments.

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