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We could not miss it: Jean Castex meets the Pope at the Vatican, and he does not come empty-handed!

Prime Minister Jean Castex is received at the Vatican on Monday, October 18 … and that did not escape Olivia Leray.

This is the information that we could not miss: Jean Castex is received Monday, October 18 by Pope Francis at the Vatican. A visit to celebrate the centenary of the resumption of relations between France and the Holy See.

The tradition during official visits, whether you are president or prime minister, is to offer one or more gifts. Jean Castex came with Gérald Darmanin, it is already a great gift for the Pope to meet him, but he also came with … the shirt of Messi and not of the Messiah, since the Pope is a football fan and Argentinian . It is especially original since the gifts of France, of presidents, of Prime Ministers to the Pope in recent years, it comes down quite easily to books, books, books.

Emmanuel Macron, for example, offered the Pope an old edition in Italian of the “Diary of a country priest” (which the Pope had already read elsewhere). François Hollande offered him a biography of Saint Francis of Assisi and porcelain. Nicolas Sarkozy, during his meeting with Benedict XVI in 2010, offered him three books and among these three books there was his own book. And the rest is to be heard in this column …

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