Home Sports "We can’t take these goals"

"We can’t take these goals"

How would you define what happened: “A game with many goals, many spaces, but we have to leave here with a good feeling. We have to stay focused so as not to score goals like that. “

What happens after the break: “Very complicated. Start of the season, always a bit more complicated to start. We must go back to the second half as we did against Alavés ”.

Do you accept the point ?: “For Madrid a point is never good. We must continue working to add three at a time ”.

How were the goals ?: “We are training a lot to uncheck. Casemiro gave me a good ball to score a goal. And the second I put it with the toe there. I keep training to help the team ”:

More protagonist: “Very happy to start the League well. I have continued working from the first day I arrived here and I am not going to change ”:

Definition: “I keep working on all aspects, not just on completion. I work in all aspects to get to a game like this and continue helping the team ”.

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