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“We are next in line”

“We are next in line”

With Red Bull in another league thanks to Verstappen’s superiority, there have been two team duels that starred in the 2022 Formula 1 season, the one between Ferrari and Mercedes for the runner-up that fell to Maranello by 39 points (554 to 515 ), and that of Alpine and McLaren for fourth place in the World Cup, which those of Enstone stayed for 14 (173 to 159). So the French They climb one more step compared to 2021 when they were fifth and, according to Ocon, they are capable of climbing another one in 2023 to fight with the big three.

“I think we can, we are on the right track”, assures Esteban in statements that he collects RacingNews365.com. He is aware that “it is the most difficult step” because “from fifth to fourth it is close, but from fourth to third there is a bigger gap”, but he is confident that the margin for improvement of the teams that come from behind will be greater than of the three above: “At some point, I hope they don’t find great ideas all the time, and we can all catch up to them at the top. We are next in line.”

In addition to the performance that the A522 has shown during the season, with good performances marred by reliability that needs to be improved, Ocon is based on two aspects to be so optimistic: the development of the team and what he has seen of the next Alpine. “I’m not going to say it’s going to be something easy right away, but If we can maintain the pace of development that we’ve had this year in the winter, and I’ve already tested next year’s car in the simulator, it’s very promising.” says the French.

personal progress

Ocon also makes a more personal review of what he has improved this year to finish as the best Alpine rider: “On a personal level, I have made progress in many things. I feel like I’ve been getting the most out of the car more times than last year. On many more occasions, I have been able to plan things out, see things earlier in the simulator, and prepare earlier in the season. This year it took me three, four or five races to get the car set up, in 2020 it took me 16″.

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