Waze receives essential functionality for those who own an electric car

With more and more electric cars on the road, Waze just added precious functionality for these drivers. From now on, the navigation app will display charging stations for electric vehicles.

This functionality was implemented in the navigation application in collaboration with Volkswagen. The German construction company has teamed up with Google to give Waze users access to this valuable information during their travels.

Now you can see the electric charging stations on the Waze map

This feature won’t be new to Google Maps users, however Waze is only now following the lead of Google’s other navigation app. It is also important to note that the functionality will be available first in the United States.


With this feature, drivers will be able to see where the various charging stations for electric vehicles are located. In addition, they will be able to add some to their route so that they do not run out of power during the trip.

As Jeffrey Kohl, Head of Waze, points out, this is an important addition, especially during the upcoming holiday season. Time of year when many move to reunite with their family on Christmas Eve.

Therefore, for those who have to make long trips, this novelty will give them more peace of mind on the road. By knowing the location of the charging stations, it will be much easier to plan a trip with a guaranteed arrival at your destination.

This feature is very similar to what Waze already offers for gas stations. This time around, it will appeal to all drivers who own an electric car.

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The partnership between Waze and Volkswagen brings a cosmetic accessory to the navigation application. Users will now be able to use a Volkswagen ID 4 as their vehicle icon within the app.

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