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Waze ends this popular service in its free navigation app


Along with Google Maps, Waze is one of the best free navigation apps out there and actually has several social attributes that encourage user engagement. This collaborative spirit gives the app a strong social component, be it in the interactions between users and the contribution of accurate information that can help or alert other users.

Waze was so successful that it eventually caught the attention of Google, culminating in its acquisition by the search giant. Since then, Google has chosen to keep Waze unchanged, without running the risk of contaminating its essence, or reducing it to a complement to its G Maps.

Waze will close the ride sharing or carpooling service


At stake is the Carpool service, or ride sharing, launched by Waze in 2016. In a short time it became one of the popular aspects of the navigation platform in countries such as Brazil and the United States of America.

However, the popularity of this modality has declined, not being justified at present. In this way it informs TechCrunch that Google will have decided to terminate the travel modality, according to statements by a spokesman for the North American company.

Unsurprisingly, the drop in popularity of ride-sharing has mostly occurred during the COVID-19 pandemic. The company will have waited for the recovery of this modality, but it will not have returned to the values ​​prior to the pandemic.

Ridesharing has lost popularity during the COVID-19 pandemic

Now that the pandemic is under control, it would be expected that the flow of travel would return to normal, including ride sharing and ride sharing. However, the same source reports that the travel pattern has changed considerably since the pandemic.

Waze says that users prefer to travel alone or by means other than the car, whenever possible. However, the popularity of the navigation app remains high thanks also to its real-time traffic and accident information.

Finally, Waze affirms that the impact of this decision will be felt mainly in Brazil, the United States of America and Israel, the country of origin of this application. Instead, the company will devote more effort to trying to solve urban congestion problems.

The immediate solution will go through the presentation of new routes and alternative means of transport to try to alleviate the pressure felt on the urban road network.

Hello wazer. We understand your concern about the availability of Waze Carpool. Therefore, we inform you that we are suspending this service to focus our efforts on building more relevant experiences for drivers. Thank you for choosing Waze Carpool. Hugs-Lee

— Waze Girl (@WazeBrasil) August 25, 2022

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