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Waze assures users of the navigation service in Portugal

The Waze navigation service is one of the best free navigation platforms and applications that we can install on our Android and / or iOS smartphone. However, the platform sometimes suffers from insects or system errors like any competitor like Google Maps.

Such was the case with the presentation of police information and the location of the radars, which, despite not affecting all users, was particularly felt by iPhone users. In fact, as we announced in 4gnews, the news was first advanced by the publication Self-evolution, with complaints present in the Google forum and recent entries on the subject in question.

Waze guarantees the integrity of the services and alerts available in Portugal

Waze Portugal
Publication made by the Waze Portugal platform through the Facebook profile. Credit: Waze Portugal

“All Waze alerts have always been fully operational so that you can reach your destination safely during this holiday period.” This informs the Waze platform on its Facebook channel that it operates in Portugal.

The guarantee provided by the platform comes to reassure the users of this navigation application in Portugal. It is, at the moment, one of the most comprehensive solutions with an intuitive user interface and real-time alerts for various road phenomena.

Remember that Waze is a platform belonging to the Google technology, coexisting with its proprietary service, Google Maps. As far as he is concerned, Waze stands out for its collaborative aspect in which different users provide alerts, event signals such as STOP operations, among other elements.

An end of the year in safety on the roads of Portugal

Is anyone using waze or google maps and the radar warning not working?

– 🇮🇹 Augusto Pires // PALMERAS 🇮🇹 (@ gutoaugusto88) December 29, 2021

Therefore, the GPS application guarantees its suitability to help Portuguese drivers to reach their respective destinations safely this end of the year.

Finally, if any of our readers have felt any failure in the service in the last few days, specifically the lack of display of radar points, please leave your testimonial in the comment box, then.

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