Wayflyer launches Scaler, a solution designed to facilitate financing for large e-commerce companies

Wayflyerthe revenue-based financing and growth platform for e-commerce companies, has launched a new financing product that will provide large companies in the sector with future cash flow security at affordable interest rates.

Wayflyer Scaler is a revenue-based financing tool designed specifically for e-commerce businesses with a minimum annual turnover of $20 million. It provides e-commerce companies with a maximum limit of exposure to funding and allows them to use capital whenever and however they want up to that limit. By providing these e-commerce businesses with certainty about future available capital, Wayflyer Scaler enables them to plan with greater confidence and take advantage of investment opportunities when they arise.

Scaler is built for eCommerce businesses that require millions in funding on a regular basis, but don’t want to go through the time-consuming and tedious processes required by traditional banking or provide significant collateral. The product provides e-commerce companies with a greater reserve of capitall that they can use as they see fit, either immediately or when the need arises. Wayflyer will be targeting potential new customers with Scaler, as well as offering it to current customers who have achieved tremendous growth with Wayflyer’s support and are now operating on a much larger scale. Thanks to its relationship with entities such as JP Morgan, Wayflyer Scaler aims to offer the most affordable rates in the income-based financing market.

Among the main advantages of the Scaler product, the following stand out:

  • Security on the future capital available for e-commerce companies, with the option to put a maximum limit of up to 2 times the monthly turnover of the company
  • Affordable rates with fully transparent conditions
  • Quick and easy application processes
  • Unlike other financing options, there are no non-disposal, origination, underwriting or origination fees
  • No collateral is required and no dilution occurs
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Aidan Corbett, CEO and co-founder of Wayflyer, commented: “Larger e-commerce companies benefit from a number of advantages over their smaller rivals. However, both face fundamentally the same funding challenges. Its working capital profile makes it difficult to finance large expenses such as inventory and marketing. In this uncertain environment, it is also difficult for them to plan ahead without knowing what capital they will have access to and when. This can be a real bottleneck for growth, which is where Wayflyer can help.

Through recent deals with a number of companies, including JP Morgan, we have continued to develop our product offering while lowering costs for clients. Those who use our Scaler product will benefit from the same flexible, competitive and transparent financing terms that made our current financing options so popular, but with even better terms that will make income-based financing extremely attractive to property owners. Business”.

Wayflyer is valued at $1.6 billion and expects to advance its clients between $2 billion and $2.5 billion in financing this year. It provided $50 million of financing to online commerce companies in 2020 and about $500 million in 2021.

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