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Image of Joe Root’s bat balance (left), Virat Kohli also copied Root


  • Virat Kohli scored 33 runs on 69 balls in the scrimmage
  • Virat Kohli had failed to score an international century since November 2019
  • Virat Kohli’s name is recorded in international cricket, 27 Test and 43 ODI centuries.

The Indian team is playing a four-day warm-up match against Leicestershire on the tour of England. Apart from Srikar Bharat, all the other Indian batsmen proved miserable failures on the first day. In this inning, India’s star player Virat Kohli started but was unable to extend his innings beyond 33 runs. At the end of the first day, the Indian team’s score was 246 runs for 8 wickets. During this, such an incident was also seen when Virat Kohli was seen copying England’s Joe Root.

In fact, recently in a current Test series match against New Zealand, English batsman Joe Root worked magic on the pitch. That magic was the balance of his bat. He made his bat stand upright on the court without any support, after which that video went ferociously viral. Similarly, Virat Kohli was also seen doing the same thing during the match against Leicestershire. The video of him is also spreading like wildfire on social media.

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Very funny prank from Virat Kohli!

Virat Kohli was on the non-strike end when he was batting in 4 runs. He many times imitated Joe Root by holding the bat upright. But Virat failed in this attempt. Even after trying many times, Virat’s bat couldn’t keep its balance. What was then, the video of him went viral and the former captain of India started making fun of him on social media. Because of this, many people began targeting the Virat Kohli form. One user said: copy root’s century too, then wrote, this can only happen while he is fit.

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Waiting for Virat’s century for 31 months!

Virat Kohli last scored a century on November 22, 2019 against Bangladesh. Almost 31 months have passed and the world is waiting for the 71st century of the treadmill. Virat can now be seen in the Birmingham Test against England from July 1-5. Fans will surely hope that Virat ends the wait for him here. Virat Kohli has played some 72 innings since the last century. He has 27 centuries in Tests and 43 centuries in ODIs. This achievement had been done in his name in 2019, but since then the count of 70 waits to be 71.


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