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Watch these 5 movies before they leave Netflix

In early August, we learned about much of the content that comes to Netflix. As usual, there are others who go the other way around and leave the streaming platform in the coming days.

We’ve rounded up five movies that are about to come off Netflix, but that you can still watch on the streaming platform ahead of the scheduled days. If you want to see some of the content on this list, it’s good to hurry.

BlacKkKlansman: The Undercover – out August 8

Colorado Springs’ first black police detective joins forces with a fellow Jew to infiltrate a group of white supremacists.

Home Invasion – Releases August 10

A mother goes with her children to her late father’s ultra-secure property, but when the house is invaded, the getaway turns into a dangerous rescue mission.

MIB: Men in Black: International Force – out August 12

When Earth is threatened by metamorphic aliens, a veteran MIB agent and a rookie embark on a mission to save the planet … and their agency.

Mission Control: The Unsung Heroes of Apollo – Releasing August 12

Combining archival video and contemporary interviews, this documentary explores how Apollo’s mission control helped change the course of history.

The Invention of Lies – Releases August 13

In a world where no one knows how to lie, a writer gains fame and fortune, perhaps even the woman of his dreams, by telling lies.

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