Watch: Mentor Matthew Hayden gives a long speech to the Pakistan team, watch the video

In the T20 World Cup 2022, the Pakistan team reached the semi-finals thanks to luck. The team had to face many ups and downs to reach the semifinals. But in the end, the victory of the Netherlands saw the Pakistani team enter the semi-finals. After winning against Bangladesh, Matthew Hayden, the mentor of the Pakistan team, sat in the locker room and gave a long speech of about 4 minutes to the team. The video of him has been shared by PCB on Twitter.

As the video begins, Mathew says, “It’s a miracle we’re here. I have full faith in the process. We don’t pay much attention in training. One day he was free and we had a good time. I think in T20 you can play more and train more. When I see this team, I see a good team. We have faith and energy, on the basis of which this miracle happened.”

He also said, we lose and we win together. Today was a day of victory for us. Sometimes you have to face defeat even on the day of victory. You don’t have to worry about that.” Further he said, “I would like to praise Shaheen. He has put in the best T20 performance of his career. The boys understood the pressure by showing a good game.

Speaking more about the team, he said: “When Pakistan cricket starts breathing fire, we will become a threat to other teams. Now nobody wants to face us in this tournament. We have to move on. Get ready, cool off. Because in the next game you have to come in positive. It doesn’t matter what happened in the last three weeks. Go and make it amazing.

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