In Wednesday’s IPL game, Delhi Capitals opener David Warner had good luck. As he chased the 161-run target against Rajasthan Royals, when the Delhi team only had 67 runs, David Warner was dropped by a delivery from Chahal, but he was not left out because the stumps could not drop. Warner subsequently played an unbeaten 52 to give Delhi the victory.

This incident occurred in the 9th inning of Delhi. Chahal was doing the second lap of him. Warner tried to hit a hard shot on the last ball of his over but missed completely. The ball went between his bag and the bat and he went straight and hit the stump of his leg. The stump lights also burned out, the gills shook out of place but couldn’t fall. According to the rule, if the bails are not dropped, the player is not eliminated. In such a situation, Warner did not stay out even after leaving.

Rajasthan Chahal bowler and captain Sanju Samson were also quite surprised because the stumps did not fall down. When Chahal said this to Warner, Warner also expressed his surprise with a smile. When Warner got this life, he was playing after scoring 22 runs. He subsequently played an undefeated 52 runs.

Batting first, Rajasthan had scored 160 runs in this match. Batting at this wicket seemed a bit difficult. In such a situation, it seemed that Rajasthan would defend this score of 160. Rajasthan bowlers also started well. Delhi batsmen were only able to score 5 runs in the first three overs while their only wicket had also fallen. But after this Rajasthan had to lose the match unfortunately due to not checking Marsh’s LBW, some catches were dropped and Chahal’s delivery didn’t fall on the stumps.


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