"Waste": 30 years after an unforgettable Dominican love song

“Derroche” is a sensual song, with an elegant and sublime description of an act in which “to enter heaven it is not necessary to die”, in this 2023 it will be three decades since it was written by the Dominican author Manuel Jiménez and popularized by Spanish artist Ana Belén.

Undoubtedly it is one of the ten best songs of the Dominican songbooks.

The song registered an immediate hit, despite the fact that the digitization of the media was not implemented, and radio and television were the means par excellence for the dissemination of music.

The song erupted with force, and a patriotic pride seized the Dominicans when they knew that the theme was permeating the world, leaving an impression on all mortals who listened to it.

With the success of Ana Belén, the star Julio Iglesias also endorsed the song that resized him in countries that he had not yet reached.

There are more than 20 international artists, who have performed it, it is the first Dominican song translated into Cantonese (Chinese language); it has also been translated into Portuguese, French, Danish and English.

The list includes Aldo Mata (Puerto Rico), Lupita D` Alessio (Mexico), Clemente (Portugal), Rodrigo (Argentina), L.Hachen (China).

“Waste” is also the theme of the Argentine film “Runaway Horses.”

Unquestionably, it is the most emblematic song of the singer-songwriter, currently mayor of Santo Domingo Este. It is his letter of introduction.

Regarding the various interpretations, Jiménez has said that “each artist puts his flavor and his stamp on it.”

In addition to a long list of successful songs recorded by Dominicans and foreigners, “Derroche” is the song that has given the most satisfaction.

Of the mysteries that music has in the album “Derroche” (1993) released by Jiménez, the song “A medio tiempo” is also inscribed, which was recorded to the rhythm of bachata by the deceased artist Yoskar Sarante and the one that the year past became one of the great successes of bachata.

As he explained, it was a song thought of in merengue for El Jeffrey, but it ended up being recorded in bachata and almost 30 years later turned into an impressive musical success.

In addition to “Derroche”, Jiménez is the author of the salsa “Macho Pérez”, which Héctor Tricoche recorded at the beginning of the 90s; and “Where your love sends”, performed by Guadalupe de Pineda.

Another of his international hits is “Everybody dancing now”, from 1991, in the voice of Lisa M. She also recorded “Súbeme el radio” for him.

Before the current urban music boom, the latter became the most successful rap song awarded with the ASCAP Award in the United States in 1993.

Of his songs, one of his favorites is “Who does not know about love, knows nothing”, which was released by Maridalia Hernández. De Jiménez Maridalia also made success and “The love I had.”

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