Was the US military qualified for the Afghan war?

Members of the Armed Services Committee were incensed at the defeated statements and explanations of the US military leadership, which was asked if they were even capable of fighting this war.

Congressman Matt Gates addressed General Mark Millie, General Kenneth McKenzie and Lloyd Austin and asked if he was qualified to fight the war. He asked why millions of dollars had been spent on the Afghan war and why the American people should trust him.

Republican Senator Matt Gates said that Assad regime is still in power in Syria, Taliban have come to power in Afghanistan, what did you do? On which the Defense Minister said that our target was ISIS. We provided financial, physical and moral support to the Ashraf Ghani government but it was a mirage and immediately collapsed.

The members said that a big lie was told to us and if our president had not understood, all of you would have been sacked.

During the discussion, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin also acknowledged a number of mistakes in the Afghan war, including corruption. Committee members said the end of the war was a shame and would be remembered as one of the greatest failures in history.

“We helped build the Afghan government, but we couldn’t build a nation,” said Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin.

Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff General Mark Milli said the Doha Accords strengthened the Taliban. The war did not end on the terms we wanted. The United States lost the 20-year war in Afghanistan.

He said that the Taliban fulfilled the condition of not attacking the United States but did not respect the other conditions.

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Gen. Mark Millie added that the most important thing for America’s national security is that the Taliban has never severed ties with al-Qaeda or renounced its affiliation with them.


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