Was Benzema offside? This says the regulation

Referee Clément Turpin annulled, in the 45th minute of the Champions League final, a goal by Benzema for offside by the Frenchman. The Madrid striker beat Alisson after receiving a rebound from a Liverpool defender. At the moment Benzema received the ball, there was only one defender between him and the goal. However, the doubt about the legality of his goal was caused by the fact that the ball came from a rival player. In this case, the key is in the “voluntariness” or not that the Liverpool defender had, as determined by rule 11.2, relative to offside, of the International Football Association Board.

IFAB Rule 11.2 states that “A player in an offside position is deemed not to have taken advantage of that offside position when he receives the ball from an opponent who voluntarily plays the ball.” In this case, it is clear that the Liverpool defender hit the ball unintentionally, since it reaches him after a series of rebounds.

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