Was Apple right? No demand for compact smartphones in 2023

The bad sales of the models. apple iphone 12 mini Heyphone 13 mini It would lead the Cupertino technology company to withdraw the most compact model of its phones from its portfolio. In its place, by the way, came a markedly opposite model, the iPhone 14 Plus.

In other words, the company has swapped a compact model for a larger-screen model, a clear sign of market preferences in recent years. By the way, few manufacturers launched then smartphones with screens below 6 inches. Now, they are fewer and fewer and everything indicates that the trend is here to stay.

Is nobody looking for the most compact mobiles?

By the way, remember that the iPhone mini screen was only 5.4 inches diagonally, a very compact format for the era of smartphones larger than 6 inches.

Apple iPhone 13
Sales metrics for Apple iPhone 13 models.

Now, we have a new report from the DSCC agency that agrees with Apple, when studying consumer habits in the mobile market, particularly in iPhone models.

The report now compares the volume of displays shipped between June 2022 and April 2023 (estimated between March and April 2023). Look at the two graphs shown here.

In this way, we were able to directly compare the volumes required for 6.7-inch displays against the volume of 5.4-inch displays. The difference is very considerable, either in the physical dimensions of the product, but above all in the respective demand.

Apple iPhone 14
Sales metrics for Apple iPhone 14 models.

Even the iPhone 14 Plus surpasses (by far) Apple’s iPhone 13 mini

Comparing these metrics shows us that iPhone 14 Plus display requests and demand are 59% higher than iPhone 13 mini component requests.

Well surprisingly, despite the fact that the iPhone 14 Plus is the least popular model in the current range, it still unequivocally exceeds the demand for the previous compact model, the iPhone 13 mini.

apple iphone 13 mini

Display: 5.4-inch XDR Super Retina
Storage: from 128 GB
Processor: Apple A15 Bionic
Cameras: 12MP + 12MP / 12MP
IP68 certification
Access to 5G mobile networks

Therefore, Apple will have made the right decision by replacing the compact model with the base model with a larger screen. Although this Plus model is not a success in itself, it is still better than the previous mini model.

In short, with many more units sold, the iPhone 14 Plus proves to be a good choice to replace the iPhone 13 mini. The launch of the Plus model was criticized when it was released and the truth is that it continues to be the model in this range with the least demand.

However, equally true is the fact that the demand for larger phones considerably exceeds the demand for more compact mobile phones.

Finally, we currently have in the Xiaomi 13 one of the most compact high-end smartphones. By the way, we also have the Galaxy S23 in its base version which, without being exactly small, is still compact.

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