Warring parties in Sudan accuse each other of violating truce

Khartoum (BLAZETRENDS) , and to continue with the attacks despite the entry into force of the armistice.

“We agreed on a truce yesterday Thursday that began at midnight, however, the coup leaders of the Armed Forces (…) violated the truce starting this morning with their attacks against positions of our forces with planes and artillery at the foot of Mount Awliaa and in Umdurman,” the FAR denounced in a statement today.

They also pointed out that Army planes continue to fly over the capital and adjacent cities, something that according to the paramilitaries “hinders the movement of diplomatic missions that are working to evacuate their citizens.”

For its part, the Army said in another statement that the FAR has been launching attacks since this morning against its units in Jabal Awliya, some 40 kilometers south of Khartoum, but that these have been “successfully” repelled.

According to the note, the soldiers have “inflicted heavy losses and destroyed several vehicles” of the FAR, which “is being crushed on the spot.”

Turkish evacuation plane attacked

Sudan today entered the fourteenth consecutive day of clashes between the Army and the FAR despite the entry into force of an extension of the 72-hour truce agreed to facilitate the evacuations of foreigners and to open humanitarian corridors for the movement of Sudanese to safer areas.

However, the Sudanese Army today accused the FAR of firing at a Turkish evacuation plane, which caused injuries to one of the crew members and damage to the aircraft’s fuel tank.

The paramilitaries have denied this attack and have in turn accused the Army of promoting “disinformation campaigns” and “spreading lies to cover up their actions.”

According to the FAR, the Wadi Sidna base “is not under their control, so they have attributed all the responsibility to the Army.

In recent days, several countries, including Spain, have completed evacuation operations for their nationals and diplomatic personnel in Sudan, but others continue with the process by land, sea, and air.

According to figures from the United Nations and other institutions, nearly 50,000 people have fled Sudanese territory to neighboring countries after the outbreak of the conflict.

So far, none of the announced truces have been fully respected by the parties, while multiple attempts at mediation have failed.

The fighting broke out on April 15 in the midst of a political process to put an end to the coup d’état carried out jointly in 2021 by the FAR and the Army and put the African country back on the democratic path.

What is happening in Sudan

So far, the conflict has caused the death of more than 500 civilians and more than 4,000 wounded, according to the Sudanese Ministry of Health, which points out that the number of victims could be much higher.

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