Warning! Saudi Arabia will not be allowed to enter, but why?

Riyadh: If foreigners make a mistake in entering information about foreign vaccinations online, they will not be allowed to enter Saudi Arabia.

According to Arab media reports, the status of the applicant on the Tawakalna app must be Muhsin, Muhsin Jiraa Oli or Muhsin Mutafi (safe, safe first dose or safe after recovery) while the website must be up to 72 hours before departure to Saudi Arabia. Data to be fed to

The report said that the information uploaded on the relevant website of the country should be fed correctly which will be verified while getting the boarding pass.

The wife of a foreign applicant will be registered as a ‘Dependent’. Similarly, if a woman’s husband is registered as a partner, she will be registered as a dependent. Similarly, children under the age of 18 who come with the applicant will be registered as companions.

It has also been said that before coming to the country, Tawaklana app should be installed and registration should be done on arrival.

Registration categories

There are different categories for registration on Tawaklana (Visited Vaccinated), (Visited Non-Vaccinated), (Medical Visited), (Vaccinated Resident), (Non-Vaccinated Resident) and Households of Saudi Citizens Includes employees who travel with them.

Keep in mind that only those belonging to the above categories have been provided the facility of registration on the Tawaklana app.

Corona vaccines

The Saudi government has approved the Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson vaccines, while those who receive the synopham and synovic vaccines must be given a booster dose.


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