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The Warner is in turmoil. At the end of post-production for The Flash who will come out June 21, 2023the studio faces a major problem: Ezra Miller. The 29-year-old comedian is unmanageable and faces several big problems with the law. During the first lockdown in 2020, he strangled a woman in Iceland. Then he threatened the Ku Klux Klanbeat up people on Hawaii, been drunk on the public highway, threatened police officers and flirted with children. His latest news story: A burglary in the state of Vermont.

Until now, the Warner Bros. kept kicking into touch, justifying that they would make a decision when they deemed it appropriate. However, the media halo seems to be taking over this affair more and more and the fans are concretely asking the studio to take a radical decision concerning Ezra Miller and the character of Barry Allenwhich was to be responsible for completely rebooting the DCEU in the feature filmAndy Muschietti. the HollywoodReporter seems to have had access to internal negotiations at the Warner and several decisions seem on the table to decide the future of the actor… and the film of which he is the headliner. Here are the three tracks favored by the studio:

Ezra Miller - The Flash © DC Films © Warner Bros.
Ezra Miller – The Flash © DC Films © Warner Bros.
  1. The Warner would have had access to information indicating that Ezra Miller was going to receive psychological help and that his mother agreed to take care of her son again, thus offering him more serenity on a personal level. If the actor would accept this therapy, he will have to speak in a public interview to come back to his past demons and apologize to the public. If this happens, then Ezra Miller will be able to join the promotional tour of The Flash and the movie will be released normally.
  2. It would be the most likely : Whether Ezra Miller does not plan to seek treatment, Warner will exclude him from all promotional tours and will release the film no matter what, before replacing him a posteriori by another actor in the role of Barry Allen.
  3. Whether Ezra Miller aggravates his case and does things even more serious, the Warner would totally abandon the film, which cost nearly $200 millionbecause the actor is present in most of the scenes of the film.
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We hope despite everything for the studio a positive outcome in this file but according to the latest rumors, choice n°2 seems to hold the rope. Answer in a few months.

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