“Warner had sent a ridiculous message,” Mitchell told Johnson of when, why and how the fight began

An argument has broken out between two big players of the Australian cricket team, Mitchell Johnson and David Warner. Mitchell Johnson has retired from international cricket and David Warner is on the verge of retirement. Warner will be playing the last Test series of his career against Pakistan and Mitchell Johnson had sparked the controversy on the issue but now he has revealed some old things.

Two days ago, Mitchell Johnson had lashed out at David Warner in one of his columns, asking Australian Cricket whether an opening batsman who struggled in Test cricket and the player who caused the biggest scandal in Australian cricket should be given a hero’s farewell. Why is it given? This statement from Johnson sparked a new controversy in Australian cricket. Many people criticized Mitchell Johnson on social media, after which Johnson made some new revelations.

Johnson said: “When I write an article for my column, I always try to be prepared to defend it later. It was very difficult for me to write this article and I also knew that it would offend people.” Warning, but that was my opinion, just my opinion. People like the article and think it has a personal element to it, and that’s actually the case.”

Additionally, Johnson made a big revelation, saying, “Some time ago Dave (David Warner) sent me a message that was very personal, bad and disappointing. His news was so bad I can’t even say it. “But I did.” I tried to talk to Warner about it by calling him. Before this news our relations were not as bad as after this news. The same message inspired me to write this article. I won’t tell anyone what Warner told me in that message, but now it’s up to Warner whether or not to talk to me about this matter. If he talks to me, I’m ready.

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