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War in Ukraine: what to remember from Friday, July 28

War in Ukraine: what to remember from Friday, July 28

Russia announced on Friday July 28 that it had shot down two Ukrainian missiles over the south-west of its territory, the debris of the first having injured at least 16 in their fall on a town near the border with Ukraine. Russian authorities frequently announce the destruction of Ukrainian drones. The Ministry of Defense thus assured earlier in the day, having intercepted one of these devices in the Moscow region. Here’s what to remember from the day.

Russian missile hits building in Dnipro

At least five people were injured on Friday July 28 in a Russian strike on Dnipro, a city in central-eastern Ukraine, the Ukrainian Interior Minister announced on Telegram. “Russian missiles have once again sown terror”commented the Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelensky, on this same social network, promising to ensure that Russia “answer for his actions” and either “punished”. He also added that in addition to a residential building, the building of the Ukrainian security services in Dnipro had also been hit by this Russian strike.

Missile debris injures at least 16 as it falls on Russian city of Taganrog

Russia has announced that it has shot down two Ukrainian missiles over the southwest of its territory. “Russian air defense systems detected the Ukrainian missile and intercepted it in flight”, added the ministry, specifying that the debris “fell on the territory of Taganrog”. According to the emergency services quoted by the Russian news agencies TASS and Ria Novosti, 16 people were injured, 10 of whom were hospitalized, one of them being in serious condition. The Russian army then said it shot down a second missile near Azov, about 40 kilometers east of Taganrog, without causing any casualties.

Earlier in the day, Russia said it foiled a Ukrainian drone attack in the Moscow region that caused no damage or casualties, the Russian Defense Ministry said. “The drone was destroyed by air defense means”, he said on Telegram. This attack caused no casualties or damage, according to the same source.

Russian Olympic Committee questions IOC’s impartiality

Stanislav Pozdnyakov, head of the Russian committee, accused the Olympic authority of acting “in the interest” of Ukraine, after the IOC called for showing “sensitivity” with Ukrainian athletes. “The IOC has taken the side of the political conflict”he lamented on Telegram in reaction to the disqualification of a Ukrainian saber who refused to shake hands with her Russian opponent at the Worlds.

After seeing his suspension lifted a few minutes earlier by the International Fencing Federation (FIE), following the outcry caused by her disqualification Thursday at the World Fencing Championships for refusing to shake hands with her Russian opponent, Olga Kharlan was guaranteed, on Friday, a place in the Paris 2024 Olympic Games by the IOC. “In view of your particular situation, the International Olympic Committee will allocate you an additional quota for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games in the event that you are unable to qualify in the remaining period”reads a letter signed by IOC President Thomas Bach, published by Ukrainian Sports Minister Vadym Gutzeit.

Moscow and African countries pledge to promote a “multipolar order”

On the last day of the Russia-Africa summit, which this year brought together delegations from 49 African countries, including 17 heads of state, in Saint Petersburg, Vladimir Putin affirmed that Moscow and the countries of the continent were committed to promoting a “multipolar world order” and to fight against theneocolonialism”. A joint declaration was adopted at the end of this meeting, providing for increased cooperation in the areas of food supply, energy and development aid. She calls to “to create a more just, balanced and sustainable multipolar world order, firmly opposing any form of international confrontation on the African continent”, according to the text published on the Kremlin website. The text also provides that Moscow will help African countries to “obtain reparation for the economic and humanitarian damage caused by colonial policies” Westerners, including “the restitution of cultural property” looted.

Russia has for several years initiated a rapprochement with Africa, including via the services of the paramilitary group Wagner.

EU sanctions Russians linked to massive disinformation campaign

The EU has imposed sanctions on 12 Russian individuals and entities accused of participating in a vast disinformation campaign orchestrated by Moscow about the war in Ukraine, including via fake Western media web pages. “We are targeting those who manipulate information and practice interference as part of Russia’s broader hybrid campaign against the EU and its member states,” European foreign policy chief Josep Borrell said, calling the sanctions a “strong signal”. In mid-June, France accused Moscow of being behind a vast operation of digital interference through the publication of false articles from major French dailies with content hostile to Ukraine. The hackers produced pages that looked identical to those of the official website but with a different domain name, for example .ltd instead of .fr.

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