War in Ukraine: Wagner group militiamen leave Africa to “indulge in provocations among the Ukrainian population”, according to a specialist

Will the Wagner militia stay in the Central African Republic? This paramilitary group, very present on the African continent and known for its abuses, seems to be redeploying part of its workforce to Ukraine, particularly from Bangui. Because the Russian offensive seems to be stalling in the Donbass and the question of human resources arises.

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According to a local trader, the Russian fighters, regulars in the bars and restaurants of Bangui, have been much less visible in recent weeks. An absence that does not surprise a commander of the Central African army, who usually works with these militiamen: “More than a hundred Wagner officers of Russian nationality returned to Ukraine. About 120 members of President Touadera’s bodyguard accompanied them.”

Information and provocations

About 200 men capable of leading small units thus abandoned their positions to go to Ukraine. Serguey Sukhankin, specialist in paramilitary groups at the Jamestown Foundation, sees the usefulness of these militiamen capable of blending in with the population: “Wagner’s fighters can easily gather intelligence or even engage in provocations for terrorist acts. It can also be easy for them to commit atrocities by wearing Ukrainian uniforms to discredit them with local populations. “

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Wagner does not abandon the African ground for as much: all the non-Russian fighters remained on the spot. In particular, they hold the mining sites which ensure juicy income for the militia.

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