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War in Ukraine: The USA remains an indispensable power

War in Ukraine: The USA remains an indispensable power

Two years have passed since then Russia decided to expand the war in Ukraine which began in 2014 with the illegal occupation of Crimea and parts of the Donetsk and Lugansk regions. Only two years and yet the world has changed fundamentally and profoundly. Russia has revealed itself to the world as a tyrannical and barbaric country, using the dwindling brute force it can muster to attack the very civilians it claims are nothing more than misguided Russians living in so-called “peace.” would have to be returned. “Russian.” .” This fascist state claims to be fighting the Nazis in Ukraine (which are still run by a Jew).

Two years laterUkraine has suffered the loss of 20% of its territory and yet he continues to fight, showing more and more prudence and greater willingness to fight a battle of attrition and avoid bloodbaths like the one at Verdun, like the one at Bakhmut last year. In Ukraine there was a change in military leadership that guaranteed the primacy of the civilian governmentl. This is a very positive thing and along with the increasing crackdown on corrupt officials and Russian spies, there is increasing evidence that Ukraine deserves to be in Europe and in NATO. The Ukrainians have also overcome their own excellent information warfare and admit that, for example, they must occasionally retreat and a quick counteroffensive is unlikely. This war remains the defining event in Ukrainian history. What Valley Forge and the Revolution did to create America’s unifying mythology (with significant Spanish help!), places like that Snake Island, Bakhmut and Avdiivka are doing it for Ukraine, and the Ukrainian people will always remember them.

As happens every four years America is completely consumed by the upcoming election. If ever proof was needed that the United States remains an indispensable power in the world, look no further than the ongoing criticism over who sits in the White House. Speaking of the White House. One of the few really positive aspects The Biden administration’s advantage is its unwavering support for Ukraine. It was a surprise and a welcome one that Biden was so committed to the issue, even if he allowed himself to be carried away at times by the British and others. Now finally, perhaps on the second anniversary, the United States Congress will authorize the military aid Ukraine desperately needs to continue to protect the West and Taiwan from a return to the militant barbarism of the past.

Europe changed because of the war. It seems that Germany has somehow complied with its demands from NATO and continues to search for weapons, produce them and send them to Ukraine. Denmark has just offered to send all of its field artillery to Ukraine. Finland is in NATO and so is Sweden. Turkey has helped ensure the passage of grain ships from Odessa to help feed the world. Although Europe has not been able to fill the gap left by American aid in recent months, Europe has significantly increased its aid to Kiev and is expected to continue to do so even after American aid Help begins to flow again.

What will happen next year? It is very difficult to take out the crystal ball and make any prediction. The simple answer is: 2024 will look like 2023. Ukraine will deter Russia from any advancesignificant, while restoring some areas when he can. But I am optimistic and believe that there will be positive changes. The air war could change if Ukraine receives significant aircraft support, particularly F-16s. Sanctions will continue to increase, pushing Russia further out of economic alignment with the rest of the world. Russia’s “friends” will continue to demand increasingly unfair deals that Moscow must accept in order to continue getting the money it needs for further attacks, even as those attacks become increasingly barbaric, less coordinated and more deadly.

What I’m sad about, but absolutely certain about, is this The fighting and killings will continue. And Western support for the Ukrainian struggle must also continue.

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