War in Ukraine: the United States announces new military aid of 1.3 billion dollars, Zelensky welcomes their “unwavering support”

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The United States announced on Wednesday July 19 a new military aid plan for Ukraine amounting to 1.3 billion dollars. In particular, it provides for the delivery of four anti-aircraft missile systems, anti-tank missiles, artillery ammunition, mine clearance equipment and explosive drones, the Pentagon detailed in a press release. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky immediately thanked Washington for the “unwavering support” Americans.

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Putin accuses Westerners of using the grain deal as a tool for “political blackmail”. After having put an end to the agreement on Ukrainian cereals, generating tensions in the Black Sea, Vladimir Putin criticizes the attitude of Westerners. “Instead of helping the countries that really need it, the West has used the grain agreement for political blackmail and made it a tool for the enrichment of multinationals, speculators on the world market”said the Russian president during a government meeting broadcast on television.

From Thursday, any boat circulating in the Black Sea will be considered potentially military by Moscow. The cereal agreement allowing Ukraine to export its production having now expired, Russia let it be known on Wednesday, July 19, that it will consider from Thursday any boat which sails in this maritime corridor as a potentially military vessel. The countries whose flag these ships are flying would also be considered “as parties to the conflict”warns Moscow.

No more shipowners go to the Black Sea. PSeveral insurers have terminated their risk coverage in the area, in particular towards the ports of Odessa, Chornomorsk and Yuzni. Despite Russian threats, kyiv has said it wants to maintain its cereal exports by sea but also by counting on other alternative transport routes, in particular by river and land.

Nearly 60,000 tons of cereals destroyed. During the night of Tuesday to Wednesday, Russian strikes on the port of Tchronomark caused heavy damage. “It will take at least a year to fully repair the damaged infrastructure” said the Minister of Agriculture of Ukraine. Twelve people were also injured in these strikes.

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