War in Ukraine: Russia “shamelessly violated” the founding principles of the United Nations, according to Joe Biden

War in Ukraine: Russia

The tone is still rising between the United States and Russia. US President Joe Biden has accused Moscow of having “shamelessly violated” the founding principles of the Charter of the United Nations, Wednesday September 21 in New York, following the televised speech of his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, during which he notably announced a “partial mobilization” Russians of military age.

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Joe Biden also called on all countries, democratic or not, to unite. He also insisted that the institution was based on “the clear prohibition to appropriate by force the territory of the neighboring country”. “This war simply destroys Ukraine’s right to exist”he added, from the rostrum of the UN General Assembly.

Faced with this invasion led by a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council, Joe Biden also felt that the time had come to reform this body, often paralyzed by the use of the right of veto. And by increasing “the number of permanent and non-permanent members” of the Security Council so that countries from Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean can be represented. As a reminder, this body currently has five permanent members: the United States, Russia, France, the United Kingdom and China.

A more conciliatory tone with China

The American president, while restating his conviction that democracy was the best regime, focused his attacks on Russia, but opted for a more conciliatory tone with the great rival, China. “Let me be very direct”did he declare. “The United States does not seek conflict. The United States does not seek a cold war” with China, repeated Joe Biden, affirming once again that the American position on Taiwan, an extremely contentious subject, had not changed.

After Vladimir Putin threatened to use atomic weapons on Wednesday, comments “dangerous” according to Joe Biden, the latter retorted: “A nuclear war is impossible to win and should not be waged.”


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