War in Ukraine LIVE: Work to restore electricity ‘continues uninterrupted’ after Friday’s Russian strikes…

09:22: Russian Defense Minister visited the area of ​​operation in Ukraine

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu visited the area of ​​the military operation in Ukraine to inspect Russian forces deployed there, the Russian military said in a statement on Sunday.

Sergei Shoigu “inspected the Russian forces deployed in the area of ​​the special military operation”, including going to the front line to speak with soldiers, the statement said. The military officials on the spot also presented him with reports on the current situation on the ground and the actions of the Russian forces, according to the same source.

The press release does not specify when this trip took place, but its announcement comes two days after a meeting between Vladimir Putin and the leaders of the Russian operation in Ukraine, including Sergei Shoigu.

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