War in Ukraine LIVE: kyiv deplores the “indecision” of Westerners on the delivery of heavy tanks…

War in Ukraine LIVE: kyiv deplores the

8:30 am: Welcome to this new Live

Hello everyone. Like every day, the drafting of 20 minutes is mobilized to give you the latest information on the conflict. This Sunday, the German Chancellor will be received at the Elysée by Emmanuel Macron. During a joint Council of Ministers, discussions will focus in particular on Ukraine. And on this issue, Olaf Scholz is particularly under pressure. kyiv once again deplored on Saturday the “indecision” of the West on the delivery of heavy tanks, while some of its European allies directly pointed the finger at Germany, after its refusal to provide its Leopard tanks. In a rare public criticism, the three Foreign Ministers of the Baltic countries thus urged Berlin “to supply Leopard tanks to Ukraine now”, pleading “the particular responsibility” of Germany, “first European power”.


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